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Yukata Rental Plan

Special kimonos only for summer.
I hope you will enjoy Kyoto in a yukata.



The reason why people choose smile photo office's rental yukata!
Women's hair included
Kimono accessories included
Choice of Obi
Children's yukata available
Next day return OK
Hotel return OK
Luggage storage OK
Try-on OK
Additional makeup OK
Low fees
Close to the station
summer kimono available
Yukata Rental Plan
・Kimono accessories
・Up to 2 hair ornaments
・Sandals, bags
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Quick Yukata Plan
When you want to rent easily.
Half-width obi
・Quick hair set  
3,300 yen per person (tax included)
・Kimono accessories
・Sandals, bags
Basic Yukata Plan
Enjoy coordinating your favorite yukata.
・Half-width obi or Nagoya obi or        Heko obi
・Lace and other accessories
・Full-fledged hair set
・Hair ornaments
4,400 yen per person (tax included)
110 (2).jpg
Men's Yukata Plan
Men's Yukata
・Kaku obi
・Dressing Accessories
4,400 yen per person (tax included)
I want to wear yukata with my family.
3,300 yen per person (tax included)
※Hair set +1,100 yen
・Kids' Yukata
・Geta or Zori

※For babies, we recommend the easy-to-wear jinbei.
Kids' Yukata Rental Plan

Services included in the rental


Flowers and Japanese hair ornaments.

Choose from a sample or create your favorite image

You can choose your favorite one from about 50 pieces.
You can try on as many pieces as you like!

Japanese style bags, clutches and shoulders are also cute

・Cute with a Han-haba obi or Heko obi
・Mature look with a Nagoya obi.

Coordinating Accents


Full set including tabi, underwear, etc.

hair set

Optional quick set OK.
1,100 yen per person.

The color changes depending on the size.


Men wear a kaku obi (square belt).


Japanese style bags

accessories for dressing

Full set including tabi, underwear, etc.


Recommended hair arrangements